Asus ROG CROSSHAIR x670e HERO hangs at startup


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The main info window opens but the sensor window never opens and can’t close the program. A reboot is required to continue. Can’t provi a log file because the main info window none of the button’s respond just spinning blue circle. Also causes rebooting to hang often have to switch power off to restart
Please provide the Debug File as per:
Please provide the Debug File as per:
I can’t provide a log file because the program doesn’t completely start and the buttons aren’t working. Also I can’t enable debug mode for the same reason. The directory has no log file only HWiNFO64.EXE .INI, unins000.exe, & unist000.dat
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If you're running ASUS Armoury Crate or AI Suite, try to stop them if that will help

If not, enable Debug Mode by inserting DebugMode=1 into the INI file. Then after reboot grab the DBG file produced.