Asus rog strix X470i gaming false 12v reading


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I've noticed an inaccurate/false reading in monitoring apps when i check the 12v rail voltage on my system.
The bios shows 11.964V, but the monitoring apps (including hwinfo64, hwmonitor, aida, etc...) shows only around 10V.
The graphic card's sensor see the right 12v value for the external supply and the pcie rail too.
Ive checked the voltage with a HP34401A on multiple spots (not only the end of the cables, on the motherboard too), and didn't noticed any disorder. The 12v is 12v everywhere.
I have the latest 4301 bios.
debug file attached

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  • HWiNFO64.DBG
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This is a BIOS issue, it provides an invalid +12V value to other software. This has been discussed here several times and it started to happen since a certain BIOS version.