Asus Z87-Pro and Haswell unusual Temp2&5


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I wanted to ask if someone knows what are this temps 2&5 that Nuvotron is reading because they are very high and they are acting strange, they are jumping very fast and with very big amplitudes ..example start 35C next 69C next jump 102C, which I don't think its normal. Also some times when I start HWinfo this Temp2 and Temp5 are not shown...Something there is only Temp2, sometimes only Temp5 sometimes they are both shown. Also it doesn't matter if the PC is stressed or just idle this temp are acting the same.

Also the message for the Embedded Controller... it say it will cause higher load and big latency...How much of this is true because I did't find any difference if it disabled or if it is not. It's not very big problem.. it is just reading some voltage from DRAM, PCH, ecc

Since those temperatures behave as you describe and ASUS doesn't seem to read them, I believe these are just invalid values from inputs which are not connected to real temperature sources (diodes). I suggest to ignore them - you might want to "hide" them, so they don't cause confusion.

The EC warning is common for all EC sensors and the exact impact depends on particular BIOS/mainboard implementation. On some system this might cause issues like stuttering in games, higher system response, etc. I'm not sure about your system, but since you don't see any problem with this, you can leave it enabled.