Asus Z9PA-D8 Fan Control


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I've come by this product by way of trying most other products to monitor/control fan speed via software. Though it has a Nuvoton NCT6775F sensor chip, Aida64, Open Hardware Monitor, HWiNFO64 and other similar products can properly find the correct sensor information, but only via the IPMI BMC sensor to monitor the fan speeds for this dual-Xeon LGA2011 motherboard; however, none provide fan control. Asus does offer software for other boards, FanXpert, but it is not available for this motherboard.

HWiNFO64 is fantastic and has consolidated a lot of monitoring tools into just 1 which I really appreciate; KUDOS to the author! I know it's not a supported feature and I know there's the hardware-based fan control path, but I noticed that the software is able to control fans for other systems, namely some Dell & HPs, and wondered whether it was possible to do so for this motherboard? I noticed there's an SDK and I'd be willing to give that a try with some guidance if this was indeed possible; I've VS2010. I know of several other 'owners' that would be appreciative also. Thanks very much in advance for considering this feature/guidance request!
Yes, HWiNFO offers fan control, but only for some specific cases. I believe your mainboard has a proprietary fan implementation in the BMC. I'm sorry, but I currently have no plans to support fan control on this mainboard. But since it supports IPMI which is an industry-wide standard I think it might be possible to find some IPMI tool which is able to control fan speeds there.