Audio notification/alarm

Timur Born

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I am currently running stability tests with HWinfo monitoring WHEAs in the background. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to enable an audible notification/alarm when these occur. So instead I have to remember opening the HWinfo window from time to time.

If this isn't already available somewhere then my feature suggestion would be to add it. Probably something in the "Customize value" section of "critical if" would make sense (where you customize colors).
Great stuff, thank you! It cannot be made to play/loop for a prolonged period of time for a single trigger event other than using a long alarm sound, or can it?
Since the WHEA count is an accumulative item (the value can only increase), setting up the criteria as >= 1 will play the sound in loop. You can then further tune it using the other parameters below: "Notification distance:", "Number of samples to trigger alarm:", "Trigger only once"..
Ah, I thought it would only trigger for each increasing count and that the "Trigger only once" option would then make it only trigger on the first count.