Automatically update after scanning for updates


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Hey, first of all thanks for this amazing, easy to understand piece of working software. I'm not a new user of the tool, however never had anything to complain about or feedback regarding HWiNFO - it's just running :).

Nevertheless, there is one little inconvenience that made me register to the forums: Updating the program. It's super nice to have updates almost ever month, that means active development and feels good. But going to the website, downloading the installer and installing the tool once again is just plain annoying, and something that should be rather easy to fix.

Hence my question, are there any plans to implement a native and free update functionality? I see that you need the Pro version for auto-install, but I'm asking myself whether that is really something that should be paid only?

Yes, this feature requires the Pro version and the reasons for this have been explained a few times here.