Aux temperature


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This is my first messatge in this forum. I'm sorry because my english is bat, but I'll try explain my situation.

Now I've got the HWinfo 32 V4.40 program and I have a problem with a temperature.

My temperature are (Idle and a little hot weather):

T1: 40º
AUX: 62º
Motherboard: 34º
CPU: 39º
PCH temperature: 52º
HDD: 37º
GPU: 35º

The whole temperature are ok, but the aux temperature not. This temperature in idle is about 60º, but in games 80º.

I'd searched information and this temperature is a sensor of the motherboard but anybody know what is this sensor. My motherboard is MSI H61M P20 (G3), sensor Fintek F71868A(D)/869(A)/870A/878A.

I haven't got problems with muy computer and I think this temperature maybe not real, but I'm not sure about that.

I need information about the aux temperature.

Thank you so much.
This temperature might indeed be not valid, but only the mainboard manufacturer knows this exactly.
You might check with MSI Core Center or a similar MSI tool if it reports a temperature that correlates with this one.
I'm sorry that I can't give you an exact answer.
Ok Thanks

I'd tried to install MSI control centre but I need Microsoft. NEt framework 4, but I can't install the Microsoft program.

Anyway, at the moment I'm not going to deal with this temeperature.