Average core temperatures


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I was wondering about Average core temperatures in HWINFO.

I have made 2 tests Realbench 8 hours separarated by 3 months.

One was done at 26°C ambient temperature
One was done at 23°C ambient temperature.

In between, I have done only 2 things :
1/ reaseated my CPu with a lot of care, so I assume there is no influnce by a bad CPU and thermal paste mounting.
2/ Flash bios from 0601 to 0801

What I observe is that my max temps (Cores and CPU Package) are roughly 5°C to 6°C higher than averag temps for the Realbench test at 26°C.

Example :
Core 0 max = 70°C.
Core 0 average = 64°C

BUT, when I look at the same for the test at 23°C, I have the following :
Core 0 max = 67°C => This is normal as we have here 3°C ambient less
Core 0 average = 65°C => This I don't understand.

Only 2°C difference
Core 0 aaverage core temps, this is another story.

They should be according to me also 3°C more at 26°C ambient compared to 23°C ambient.

They are not : At 23°C, they are roughly the same than