B550 Aorus Master, can't see ND sensor, program hangs at PSU HID...


Hi. I have few issues:
1. Can't see anywhere noise detection sensor, although on Gigabyte SIV I can see that the sensor is reading noise level in db.
2. When PC wakes up from sleep/hibernation state, HWiNFO64 hangs, wont maximize/open from tray, killing HWiNFO64 through task manager and opening it again program hangs at Detecting sensors PSU HID. Only fix I found is system restart. ( I have Corsair RM850i connected to my motherboard USB header for PSU monitoring).

If you need any other info just let me know,



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Reporting of noise sensor for this board shall be fixed in the next (Beta) build.
For 2) are you perhaps running Corsair Link software too ?
No I don't use any of the Corsair software, keep in mind this happens only when system wakes from sleep.
Looks like some issue with the Corsair PSU - it stops responding and blocks HWiNFO.
You might workaround this by disabling the "CorsairLink and Asetek Support" option.
Yes that works but then I will lose PSU monitoring, just installed Corsair iCUE just to check if it sees my PSU but it didn't, after PC reboot my PSU showed in iCUE devices, strange, I'm wondering who is responsible for this behaviour.
I'm not sure either, but you might try to plug it into a different USB port if that will help.
Anyway thanks for help Martin, ATM I'm writing to Corsair support. I'll post something if I have any news.
I've just had a chat with Corsair so after uninstalling RGB fusion and Trident Z Lighting Control I can confirm that after waking from sleep I'm able to see my PSU in Corsair iCUE, although HWiNFO hangs at PSU HID... I'm attaching debug file again, maybe this time you can see some differences?


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Noticed something different, after resuming from sleep I can maximize hwinfo but all the monitoring is stuck, nothing is changing, nothing being monitored. Closing and reopening hwinfo in the devices loading screen it loads till PSU HID and then disappears and nothing happens, is it was specifically implemented?


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