Bad Vcore value reported on ASUS X99-Deluxe II


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the last version 5.32-2900 reports bad value for Vcore on mu i7-5930K on my ASUS X99-Deluxe II :
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I set Vcore=1.17V in BIOS.

The Vcore value reported in your soft is 1.58V => False.
Your Vid value reported in your soft is ok (1.17V).

Could you please check how to report correct Vcore ?

I ask you that because we all use as overclokers your soft which is very nice, and in the same way, Aida64 reports correct value for Vcore (Measured Vcore and not vid, which is great), so there is no reason you can't do it i think ;)

If you need more inputs, I am availlable

Thank you in advance.
The Vcore value reported by HWiNFO should actually be the right sense pin. But for some reason ASUS has abandoned this and reports VID instead of Vcore there.
AIDA64 is reporting VID instead of Vcore as well.
Thus this board doesn't seem to be capable of properly monitoring the right Vcore, which is quite common for Haswell-based systems (containing the FIVR). So you will need to rely on the VID value in HWiNFO.