Becnmark don't read saved result for compare on HWiNFO32 v4.11.1842


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OS Win7 SP1 x86. If run benchmark then after finished bench cycle HWiNFO32 can't compare current result and saved result's not work - HWiNFO.INI. The me can see only current results. This bug found only on version 4.11.1842 Beta and don't exists on any old version include v4.11.1831 Beta.
I'm trying to reproduce this, but it works for me without issues.
Does your HWiNFO32.INI maybe have read-only attributes, or not properly set access rights ?
If you click save results, are the results saved to that file ?
Also could you please attach some screenshots which would make it more clear ?

Big thanks! This behavior is reproduced only if hwinfo32.exe running on console command start hwinfo32.exe issued from the command line Far Manager v3.0 - it sets the environment variable HOMEPATH in \ USERS \ <$ USERNAME> and this is enough to play this phenomenon. I forgot about this peculiarity. I apologize for the false alarm.

But she had a visual picture of the phenomenon is as follows.:s A picture of the phenomenon itself visually looks like in the attached picture. And since I have it playing on a pair of cars I decided to consult with you. Once again I apologize for the trouble.:s


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OK, no problem. HWiNFO needs to know where it's installed, so it can locate the INI file and this confused it.
So I began to think after checking your idea of attributes - I look, and there are file attributes of NTFS is settings as only Archived, Compressed, Indexed other file attributes is cleared and full access ACL is. I think no, here it is, we must look at the environment variables - can the working directory is not there indicates. Looked through Process Hacker - and precisely, Far HOMEPATH its exposed.:)