Behavior of SVI2 TFN CPU Voltage and Core Clocks in Games? [Help]


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for context, I have a 5800x and I tend to run with my Maximum Processor Power set to 99% to help with temps for now, which is not the point or focus of the post.

when I play games, my SVI2 TFN CPU Voltage reads anywhere from 1.2v-1.4v with Core Clock readings of ~4.0-4.3; however, sometimes it will drop to around 0.994-1.006v (my idle voltage) and the Core Clocks will go down to 3.2-3.5 for a few seconds

these drops aren't terribly consistent, and they last anywhere between 2-6 seconds, but they don't seem to cause any noticeable performance drops, nor do they tank the frame rate at all. when I set the Processor Power back to 100%, I don't believe it does this, unless the timing of the drops have been really inconvenient. at 100%, the lowest Core Clocks I see are 3.7-3.8, and the voltage usually reads the same 1.2v-1.4v range without the drops

as for Vcore, it also experiences these drops, but the Vcore reading also naturally fluctuates a lot more, so I've mainly been reading off the SVI2 TFN.

is this okay? it seems tied to the Max Processor Power but I'm not sure if I should be concerned about the CPU as a whole.