Beta Version and Monitoring Questions


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When I start HWiNFO I am prompted that there's a new version available. I have v6.26-4160 installed but it keeps indicating Beta v6.27-4181 is available.

I was going to install the Beta version, but it appears to only be available in the Portable version. Is there another place to download the Desktop version of the Beta?

As for my monitoring questions...
  • If I want to monitor my CPU temp (Ryzen 3800X), should I choose CPU CCD1 (Tdie) under the CPU section or or just CPU under the motherboard section? Or both? They are different by 10+ degrees sometimes.
  • Should I monitor CPU Package under the motherboard section?
  • Finally, I added the above items to the Task Tray, then went into Taskbar Settings and configured them to "always display", however the CPU Package sensor only appears in the "always display" mode for a few seconds, then it's hidden. I looked in Taskbar Settings in Windows 10 and while I can see all the other temps I'm monitoring, I don't see CPU Package. See screenshot.
Basically, I'm trying to make these sensors always visible in the Taskbar so that I can try to determine what is causing my computer to freeze at least once a week. My display and mouse/keyboard stop responding and I'm forced to reboot.

I do get a DUMP file every now and then, which is related to nVidia files and a DPC Watchdog Violation. I've researched this and it seems to be fairly common and has been around forever, but I've yet to identify a resolution.

It's possible my CPU may be overheating. When I built the computer, I accidentally put the CPU cooler bracket on backwards and had to take it off, which of course messed up my thermal paste application. I just spread it around as best as I could, since I was out and then installed the CPU cooler. Maybe I need to reapply? Could also be the SFF case I have.

Here are my specs:
  • Ryzen 3800X
  • Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Impact Mini-DTX
  • Asus RTX 2080 Super OC


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Beta versions are available as portable only. But you can simply copy the files from the Beta build into the folder where you installed HWiNFO. Simple update ;)
For Ryzen processors the recommended CPU temperature to watch is the "CPU Die (average)" value. Others like Tctl/Tdie are valid as well, but instant values of various sections in the CPU.
There's no need to monitor the CPU Package value for Ryzen CPUs.