bios not seeing memory but hwinfo is


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We've got a P6X58D Premium asus board with an intel i7 930 2800 cpu. I recently updated the bios to the most recent. There's 12G of memory (corsair TR3X6G1600C8D) -- 6 sticks of 2G each. The bios is only seeing 4G.

Hwinfo64 is able to see all 6 modules so, it would seem that they're working and the slots are working too.

I'm wondering how Hwinfo is able to see the modules while the bios isn't. Also, any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.

HWiNFO uses the same method as the BIOS does (reading SPD EEPROM of all memory modules).
If this doesn't work in the BIOS, then there might be a bug, or the type of memory modules might not be properly supported. I suggest to contact ASUS support regarding this problem.
It seemed like the problem started after I updated the bios. Would you happen to know of any programs that can downgrade the bios? I've tried 3 or 4 of them and none are able to downgrade. I saved the old bios but am unable to reinstall it.
No, I don't. Does some of them maybe have a kind of 'force' switch?
If not, again I suggest to contact ASUS.