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Started getting regular BSODs after running HWiNFO64.

Before that, I used the HWiNFO64 for a long time without any problems.

But after installing LegionFanControl to control the fan speed on a laptop, and running HWiNFO64 in parallel, after some time (15-30 min) getting BSOD.

First, the touchpad stops working, then Chrome doesn't open, or something else, and then I get a BSOD with DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE

Both programs separately work fine, but it's worth running both at once and after some time a BSOD.

I don't want to give up HWiNFO64 and can't refuse LegionFanControl either, because I need silence.

What could be the problem?

The dump is too big, because I was waiting for a BSOD for a long time, I had to archive it


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If the notebook has a removable battery, try to remove it for a test and see if you're still getting BSODs when running both programs.
No, the battery is built in. To disconnect, you need to disassemble the laptop. Could it be battery related somehow? I have enable a bios limit on battery charging to 60%. Since the laptop is stationary and always on charge.
I suspect it might be a conflict between LegionFanControl and battery monitoring causing the problem.
Try to disable battery monitoring in HWiNFO by pressing the Del key over the battery sensor heading.
Disconnected from the sensor status all items that relate to the battery, and so far everything is ok.
More time has passed than before, when the BSOD occurred.
I'll watch a couple more days, but it seems to me that the problem is gone.
Yes, the problem is completely gone.
I wanted to switch from the portable version of HWiNFO to the system by reinstalling it from the installation package.
Reset all application settings and after the battery sensors appeared, got the BSOD again.
But when I disabled the battery sensors again, everything has been working without failure for a whole day.
The problem is definitely with them.
Thanks again for locating the problem and for a great app!!!
Note that this might not be completely over.
Disabling Battery monitoring in HWiNFO might help, but Windows does a similar monitoring (via ACPI) all the time, maybe just less frequent.
So you might still run into issues using LegionFanControl as the problem is a conflict between that tool and Battery monitoring in general.