Bug reading Haswell Offset voltages


Hi Martin.

When using a negative offset, for example -100mV for Cores HWInfo32 shows 1.945V. I suspect you are treating the offset as an unsigned number instead of signed.

Thanks for the report. Please copy-paste the exact line where it shows this invalid value and tell me the exact setting in BIOS for this case. I'll fix it then.
I see you have now fixed this in build 2063

Build 2060 11-Dec-2013

Build 2063 21-Dec-2013

I think there's still a small problem with both positive and negative numbers in that each bit should be 1/1024th of a Volt, not 1mV (1/1000). The two screenshots should be -80mV I believe. Also reads -82mV in build 2075. It's only going to make a small difference so not a big thing.

Thanks for the feedback.
How are you sure about the 1/1024th of a Volt ? Documents are not very clear about the format used to report these values.
Well if it's not then XTU is wrong. Offset is given in steps of 0.9765625mV which is 1/1024V. Remember I didn't say I was sure, I said "I think". Unfortunately that's the best I can offer you.
Looks like HWMonitor got the same doc's as you. :rolleyes:


Might as well mark this as solved. If I'm supposed to do that idk how. :huh: