Bus Clock Incorrect?

same here, should be 100MHz, goes as low as 50 and higher than 110, causing CPU clocks incorrect reading. happens more frequently during heavy load or gaming, but noticed even in idle or light usage e.g. browsing
Hello, with my Lenovo Yoga 710-14IKB Type 80V4 / Intel i5-7200U I get instead of ~100 MHz CPU BUS speed constant 22.4 MHz.
CPU-Z v1.93.0 x64 is showing the right value "~100 MHz".

HWiNFO64 Version 6.30-4240 (6.31-4255 beta is crashing, because of the Intel iGPU bug reported here)
Windows 10 Home x64 Build 20211 (Dev-Channel)

The last HWiNFO64 version with correct CPU BUS speed is v6.10-3880.
I have attached the logs and dumps of both versions.


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I have posted build 4257 to resolve the problem with crashing on Intel GPUs with current drivers in the above mentioned thread.
This should also resolve your problem with bus clock.
Please let me know if all is well now.
I can confirm, that both bugs are fixed for me with v6.31-4257. This was fast. Thank you.
We will see, if Intel will also do changes, so that your oneAPI workaround is not needed anymore.
I'm having a similar issue that was not fixed in v6.31-4257. The bus clock is reporting as 471 MHz when it should be near 100 MHz. This results in impossible core clocks of 23 GHz on the processor.
Yes of course, apologies for not attaching these originally.


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