Can my laptop support PCIE NVME m.2 SSD? (Dell Inspiron 7573)


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I am planning to replace my HDD with a new SSD. Confused if i should i go for the regular 'SSD' or 'PCIE NVME m.2 SSD'? I dont know if my laptop supports PCIE NVME m.2 SSD and if it does, is there a slot free on the motherboard?

I have attached the hwinfo report for your reference.

All help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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Such information cannot be reliably determined via software. You should check your notebook manual, specifications, or best would be to open it and inspect.


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Yup, looks like it. It seems to support the typical three lengths of 30, 42 and 80mm, i.e. M.2 2230, 2242 and 2280, the latter being the most common of available drives.