can you enable Asus EC or not


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can you enable Asus EC or disable, when i install hwinfo64 it says not to monitor this sensor , that it may hurt performance, its been the same over the yrs to not monitor Asus EC for yrs just wondering if it changed or no,
if i have to keep it disabled then its fine,just wondering,thank you


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Problems with this sensor are very rare, some issues were observed on older boards. So I think it's safe to have it enabled.
i discovered stuttering in some(!) games (same time intervals hwinfo updates the sensors) when having this enabled... it took me some time time to figure out what it was. tested it with and without the asus ec monitoring to confirm it. so if you see hard dips in your framerate in the rtss osd for example - this can be it!
board: maximus xi hero wifi
i saw that, just wanted to share what kind of impact ist has (for me at least).
imho what i described is something completely different than the usual 0.X % performance loss you get from running something in the background.
Ive been wondering this for a long time, testing both settings on my last couple asus rog boards. I have experienced some stuttering but unable so far to pinpoint it
directly to asus ec support setting. Dont know if its placebo effect but leaning towards it having a negative effect which is unfortunate cause being able to read those values
is a huge plus