Cannot search common computer terms in forum (term too short error).

Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but I tried to search for posts about a memory entry that's coming up blank. They're often very short terms so this likely prevents anyone for searching for any memory timing values.

Mine was "tRC"...I searched for "tRC blank" and only had results from "blank" since "tRC" was deemed too short.

Please fix the forum's search feature to allow all memory timing terms at minimum (CL, RCD, RP, RAS, CAS, etc). Though I assume LOTS of tech names are tiny like that. ECC, SATA, (Socket) H3, PCIe, etc...
I tried to change this but it seems the minimum word length limit (4) is defined by database and I'm unable to change this setting.
Well, as a workaround, you can use external search engines. Google and DuckDuckGo support a syntax like this:
where <your_search_terms> might be "tRC" in your example. Keep in mind that words with fewer than three characters might lead to too many search results anyway.