Cannot set background color for Charge Level icon in system tray


Problem encountered since updated to version 7.12-4580
Version: 64-bit
OS: Windows 10

Color of Charge Level icon is set to green:

Color shown is yellow instead:
from left to right: CPU Package, Total CPU Usage, Charge Level

In fact, I noticed that Charge Level was taking the background color of CPU Package. If I remove CPU Package from systray and leave Total CPU Usage & Charge Level, Charge Level will take the background color of Total CPU Usage instead:
from left to right: Total CPU Usage, Charge Level

If only Charge Level is left in systray, it will use this (black?) background color regardless of what I set:

only Charge Level in systray

  • Charge Level icon in systray background is displaying the wrong background color (foreground color still works, as does alert threshold color)
  • Charge Level icon will take the background color of the icon of another sensor if the latter is present (seems to take the color of the sensor furthest down the list)
  • If no other icon is present, Charge Level icon's background color will be black regardless of settings
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Please try the latest Beta version 7.13 if the problem is there as well. If yes, try to completely Reset Preferences in HWiNFO if that will help.
Hello, I can confirm the problem doesn't occur with the beta version (7.13), even without resetting preferences. Seems like it's unique to 7.12-4580