Cant change screen brightness Dell


For some reason, the brightness keys on my laptop stop working when I activate the fan controls. If I close the fan control window, everything returns to normal. All the other keys work (volume, mute, dual screen, etc), only the brightness keys are affected. Note that I am able to change the brightness using the Windows action center brightness button. 

Using a Dell G3 3579. Windows 10 Home.

Thank you

EDIT: Restarted my laptop and now everything is working properly.
I am on Win7, Vostro 3568, and have the same issue. When I enable fan control, I can't adjust the screen brightness via the keyboard. The GUI appears, but nothing changes.

But for me, a restart does not help. Any ideas?
Have you perhaps enabled Method 1 or Method 2 for System Auto Control ?
If yes, try to change the method if that will help.
Have you perhaps enabled Method 1 or Method 2 for System Auto Control ?
If yes, try to change the method if that will help.

I was on v6.06, which did not have those options. However, I have updated since, and tried both four permutations. None of them works.

Here is my setup, using Custom Auto:

So even with both Method 1 and 2 disabled it doesn't work?
When you close the fan control window does brightness control come back?
Sorry, I don't have a solution for this. Fan speed monitoring and control is a DELL-proprietary feature that DELL doesn't disclose.
Similar is brightness control, so most probably the commands used to control fans collide somehow with that.
Hence the fan control in HWiNFO is unofficial and possibilities are very limited.
Thank you, anyway.

I like this notebook, but the fan control policy is outrageous. At least I can cool it properly with your software.

Btw, what's changed from 06 to 10 so brightness control does not come back when I close fan control?
I'm not aware of changing anything that might have impact on that. Does it come back when you close entire HWiNFO ?
I've used v6.10 for a few days. Brightness control worked all the time (after a system restart), but fan control was very hectic. Sometimes I was unable to start it again without restarting the application. On v6.06 I could start it by closing and opening the fan control window alone.

What bugs me, is Dell taking back fan control after coming back from sleep or hibernation. Could you listen to these events and do the magic automatically, what's done on application start?