Can't see USB4/TB4 connected devices under USB


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I have connected a Thunderbolt3/USB4 40Gb/s Thunderbolt / USB external SSD box (Acasis TBU401 M.2x4 to TB3) to a Dell XPS13 9350 laptop. HWinfo does not show any devices connected to the USB 3.1 Root Hub. The device shows up under Drives \ NVMe Drives as a "Samsung SSD 970 Pro 512G".

This laptop doesn't support Thunderbolt but the device is backwards compatible to USB3.1 / USB3.2. When transferring large files to the device, I see very consistent 240-250MB/s so I am sure it's at least connected at USB3.1 10Gb/s speed (12" shielded cable). Probably as fast as it will get with this laptop. Same device goes twice as fast on a Macbook Air with real Thunderbolt 3.

Take advantage of the opportunity to trounce the old unmaintained USBDevinfo that Microsoft still recommends to developers. You're already way ahead of them. Get your PM to reach out to MS, fight for HWinfo to replace junk USBDevinfo.

End users worldwide want to know status & speed of USB 3.1 / 3.2 / 3.2x2 / 4.0 and Thunderbolt 3/4. Don't miss the opp.