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Dear all ,

Small presentation because I 'm new to the forum .

I'm Sebastian, 27 years old, French , geek at any time :p . I am programmer analyst , responsible for CRM application and responsible for HC2S business .

It is as quick but good presentation :D

The purpose of my application for the registration of logs in a csv file. In fact I would run the program continuously to capture logs in real time somehow. The problem is that the file grown very quickly and it is impossible to access time he write access to the file.

I would instead insert data via a script in a database in order to study them via a web interface for example.

HWiNFO -> Batch Script / C # / C + + / JS / PHP -> BDD

I tried to find a way to sniff the process and capture the broadcast by it but it is the total blur message.

Is it possible to change a parameter and thus retrieve the logs in a different way that the csv file?

Thank you for your help.

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Sébastien | Team HC2S
HWiNFO offers a shared memory interface which immediately exposes all sensor information to 3rd party applications.
However, I 'm allowing such interfacing only under specific conditions.
Please tell me what are your intentions and for what purposes you need this.
Hi Martin,

This is very personnel done ​​as intention.

I have several installed at my home with a server. The machines are sometimes very requested and I would follow the curves of temperature and other for several months.

Thank you for your return

Sébastien | Team HC2S
Hi Martin,

Thank you very much it works great.

Now it remains to develop a decent web interface HWiNFO :p

A big thank you also to Ganesh_AT,

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Sébastien | Team HC2S