Changes to Driver/Startup?


Has there been some fundamental change in how the installed driver is detected in 5.8x?

In 5.7x (and previous), launching the program as an administrator, installing the driver, and then marking the driver as persistent then allowed non-administrative users to still launch the program and see monitoring information.

However in 5.8.x even when driver was installed by administrator and marked as persistent, when a non-administrative user attempts to launch the program it appears to check for driver/attempt to install, which fails because the user does not have the permissions to perform the operation.

It is generally bad practice to actively login as an administrative user, and using run-as every time the application needs to be launched is somewhat annoying.  Was this change intentional or is this a bug in 5.8.x?


Might be related to this item in 5.80 release notes:

Security hardening of the HWiNFO kernel driver.
Yes, as you have noticed meanwhile, there has been a fundamental change to the driver.
There have been several changes to internal architecture to make it secure and to avoid potential exploits by malware (though none were known).
Also the possibility to use the driver by non-administrative users has been removed. This was a high security concern, so it was an even worse practice that allowed this.