Changing HWiNFO default language

Hi, everyone.

I've just noticed that in the last version of the program, it has changed its default language from English to the one I'm using in my computer (I'm Spanish). But I would like to revert it to the usual English I'm accustomed. I searched its configuration menu, but I've been unable to find an option to change it back. How could I revert that change?

Thank you in advance.
This can be changed in main settings window, in sensor-only mode you need to right-click the HWiNFO icon in tray (notification area) to reach those settings.
Hello everyone,

I used Martin's solution with portable HWINFO64 and it's ok, the 'Language' parameter is visible
and a list of choices is accessible

On another Windows 10 pro laptop PC version 1607 14393.2189,

-the following versions of Windows 10 are not supported on this TOSHIBA A100-110 PC

With HWINFO32 portable I tried the same solution but the parameters displayed do not show any 'Language' field
Is there an alternative solution?


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HWiNFO32 is a legacy ANSI application, hence it doesn't support other languages.