Charge rate different to measured value


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We measured our unit and ran Hwinfo64 as well.
We captured the 5 minute average current value and found out that Hwinfo64 charge rate was different to what we measured.
Attached is our measured report compare with Hwinfo64 result.
The Hwinfo64 showing that charge level gets lower, there is increasing inefficiencies from the power supplies.
But we did not measure this situation.
I am confuse why the result is different.
And how hwinfo64 to calculate the charge rate?

Platform: Intel Apollo Lake
OS: Windows 10 RS2


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This charge rate is read from the battery monitoring circuit of the system, which usually calculated by platform's Embedded Controller.
HWiNFO only reads what's reported to the system by hardware and firmware. So if there's a larger discrepancy, the problem lies somewhere there.