Chassis RPMs with different size fans


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I have one fan header on my mobo that all case fans are running off of. they run to a row of headers that is part of the fractal meshify 2 case. however, 4 of those fans are 140mm and 2 are 120mm ie., different rpms at different percentages. when i look in hwinfo for the chassis fan info i get it in how do i know which fans rpms those are? thanks in advance for any help.
Have you checked that you're not overloading the header? Not sure of the power draw of your fans or the supply to the header but many headers are only powered to support a maximum of 4 fans (see e.g. - but obviously you'd need to check the details for your own fans /mobo).

For the fans, only one of the cables going into the header will effectively have it's speed measured (the cable may or may not indicate that, sometimes it's marked). If it's not clear, you could do an experiment to test (being careful not to overheat your system) - disconnect different fans and see when the rpm measurement disappears.
The fan hub is a Nexus+ 2 that comes built into the Fractal Meshify 2. It has 8 headers so i dont know that the hub is the issue. Thank you for mentioning this though because i looked at the mobo chassis fan header and it says it supports 1A. right now i'm pushing just over 1A but it seems to be fine. however, i'm going to go ahead and take 2 of the fans off the one header and use a splitter to put them on another chassis header just in case. I also see which header on the hub is sending data to the mobo so i was able to answer the question about RPM reporting. Thanks again!