'Check for updates' setting suggestion


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Just a minor feature suggestion.

When HWiNFO64 starts with windows and there is a new version available we have the options to: ignore once, turn off update checks or turn off beta update checks.

How about adding another option to ignore the updated version until the version released after it. So it still checks for new versions, but wont alert me to the same update again.

I have a suggestion that I think is close enough to belong in this thread.

I just downloaded HwInfo for the first time, installed and was immediately met by the "Update available" dialog (same version number, later build number). I got concerned that there may be a man-in-the-middle-attack. I visited the web site and verified that I had downloaded the latest (stable build v6.00-3620) version and that no new announcements had been made. No build numbers were given in version history. I continued to the forum and realized that I must have received an announcement for a Beta build. I reopened the app (and think this was when I first noticed that there was a checkbox for ignoring Beta updates).

1) When installing from stable version installable: Use default setting "Ignore beta updates" to prevent updating to Beta builds by sheer ignorance.
2) Make update check and its settings more easily found by adding a manual "Check for updates" option in the About dialog and a button for update settings.

Love the app. Thanks.
You're right that the HWiNFO update process needs an overhaul. It's on my list ;)
It notifies about beta versions because those builds are in 98% of cases fully stable and improve several things, so it's usually recommended to update also to beta builds.
Perhaps I should rename the beta builds to some minor updates.
Thanks for the quick clarification Martin! I may give the Beta a try then.

I always assume betas are not (tested for) release quality, so if they are then I think renaming them is a great idea.

If update check overhaul is not a priority right now (not very fun work) then a quick improvement may be to add a "(beta)" next to the update's build number.

Thanks again