Check user rights and antivirus filters?


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Hi, just trying to run the HWiNFO64 but cannot run the program as I keep getting this message, just wondering if someone could help me out. Thanks!

Are you running it as Administrator ?
Can you please check in the Event Viewer if you see any error regarding HWiNFO there ?
You might also try to change the driver mode if you go to Settings (prior to hitting Run) and then Driver Management.
I have been running it as Administrator and still no success. I should note that I am currently in Safe Mode if that affects it?
In driver management, no drivers have been installed and when I go to press the install button, I get the same message.

In the event viewer, the error event 7001, Service Control Manager comes up each time.
Sure, Safe Mode is definitively the reason - it doesn't allow to install additional drivers (like HWiNFO).