Clarification on max temperature.

Robert Blair

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I will apologize in advance for being a complete novice. I got my first decent computer and downloaded HWINFO to see what's going on inside. The max temperature has me startled, though. The current temp runs between 40c and 70c, which I expect. But the max temp on a couple cores will jump up to 98c while the current temps are all in the 30s, 40s or 50s. It seems that anything I do (sometimes just at idle) a 95+ reading will pop up on a couple cores and it will inform me that the computer has throttled itself.
I saw a warning about the HWINFO maybe not having access to a sensor, so I told it to ignore that sensor, if thats relevant. Are the temps really jumping up 20-50° and coming back down too fast for the current temp reading to follow? I just watched the current temp flash from 43 to 97, and back to 43 in less than a second. I heard the i9 runs hot but that seems a bit crazy.
It's an MSI GE66 notebook with an i9-12900hk and a 3080ti.
It's quite common for notebooks that temperatures can quickly ramp up so high. Notebooks have constrained cooling capabilities and it takes time for the cooler to kick-in. It's also quite common that such systems hit thermal throttling and several vendors claim that's by design and expected.
I appreciate the fast reply. Blows my mind that it can ramp that quickly, but I guess it is what it is. Going to see if I can get this thing to let me undervolt it a bit, but it seems to be very stubborn about allowing such a thing.
If you have time to throw out a couple tips to unlock that, I would appreciate it. I know that's not the subject matter here and I'm sure you have plenty to do, so if the thread dies I understand.
Thanks for the clarification, it's nice to have support actually answer a dumb question from a newbie. I'll definitely be recommending this software.