Clevo W870 Cpu Fan control


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Hi, I recently recovered from a bad bios update, I had to desolder the bios chip and to erase and reflash using spi flash programmer, now I can boot normally but the cpu fan doesn't spin nor at boot nor when in windows 7 , and the only way to make spin is to press the silent button in clevo and it only spins slowly at 2000 rpm max. Is it possible to control the Cpu fan using Hwinfo as I haven't found any solution to solve this problem since 4 weeks now.
please help or give me any suggestions.
No, it's not possible to control fans on this notebook using HWiNFO.
But in your case, I'd suggest to try to perform an Embedded Controller firmware update, which is usually part of the BIOS update package.
Thank you for your quick answer, that is what I have been doing lately I updated the EC/KB bios to the latest version EC V 1.00.14 , while updating the cpu fan spins to it max (I can hear it) but when I reboot the laptop fan still doesn't spin, It's like something has changed permantely the update can correct it.
do you of any tool that I can use on another laptop same model to dump the bios and flash it to mine?
Thanks. I know that controller and unfortunately (as for all ECs), the problem is that fan control depends solely on firmware running there, which is usually very different between models/makers... Registers in question are usually accessible only from EC side; access from Host (CPU) depends usually on manufacturer...
Is this the same case with the MSi GT60-0nc?

I wanted to keep the fan speed steady because the thing keeps turning on and off when it is idle, rather annoying.
I think it is, most notebooks have fans controlled via their EC firmware and the way it's implemented is model-specific. There are thousands of different models, so it's nearly impossible to know about each one...