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Hello guys,

since some years iCue blocks out some sensor readings for other tools like HWiNFO. But this is not my problem. iCUE is not running and Corsair Services had been stopped.

My Corsair Commander Pro just wont show up at all. Corsair Link and Asetek Support is enabled and an Corsair HX850i power supply (attached to Commander Pros USB Port) is working fine.
Commander Pro works fine when iCUE is running but never appears inside hwinfo.

So why is the Commander Pro not recognized as the only device?
Firmware is 0.9.212 (latest) and Hwinfo is 7.10-4540

Thank you!


PSU reading is fine (attached to commander) but no commander pro?
Sorry, here you are. Thank you.

This is on Windows 11 with Core Isolation (Hyper-V) enabled, but that makes no difference.


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I'm sorry, but this is a "new" device where we don't have any information about its protocol, so it's not supported.
I cannot even guarantee if there ever will be any support due to how Corsair is treating other developers/tools.
Strange. The Commander Pro was bought nearly 2 years ago. However, thanks for checking.
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Yes, the device might is not be truly new, but we haven't dealt with their newer devices for some time due to the mentioned reasons.
We would be happy to support all their devices if the vendor would be more cooperative. Perhaps if more and more their customers raise this, they might change their attitude.
Interesting, I guess the $64,000 question does the XT use the same protocol as the Pro. If yes it should be almost trivial to add support, if not then all bets are off. If the Input + Output +Feature lengths are the same they I suspect it hay use the same protocol.

To find out I would need to add some code to SIV and check what happens, do you know the XT USB VID + PID please, the pro is 1B1C + 0C10 and I expect the VID will still be 1B1C and the PID slightly different.


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