Continiusly reporting last FPS value

Hello Martin,

in previous versions the fps reported by RivaTuner were set to 0 after the Application was closed wich was nice for my use case (having the value displayed in rainmeter skin via shared mem plugin).
In the current version you grey out the value in the gui - so everybody can see that it's not an current value, but countinusly reporting the last value vom RT via shared memory as current value.
maybe you can reset this to write a zero or a void in the shared mem adress if there is no current value?

Best regards and thanks a lot for your work.
This was an intentional change as reporting 0 in such case caused issues for other users.

Hey Martin - a month later i look again on my second screen and see these dumb continous display of "139 fps" from a game i've closed 3 hours ago and it's anoying me so much, that i thought i will start another try to ask you to change the behavior in you software or make the behavior configurable by setting.

i think the argument that reporting an old value continously as current value , wich is definitive not the CURRENT value can't be the right way (and argue others putting on the - in my opinion - correct behavior).
as far as i see the current value in shared memory is 0 before RTSS reports anything for the first time, so the software of the users you mentioned must be able to handle this too...
what about sending "" / void if no fps is reported by RTSS?

i won't offend you and i know very well that users are sometimes very ungrateful.
maybe you think about it again and if not, i won't bother you again about it :cool:

best regards
also Martin
OK, I will change this so that the FPS value will turn grey (indicating an invalid or outdated value) when the graphics application is terminated.
That will be available starting with the next (Beta) build.
will turn grey (indicating an invalid or outdated value) when the graphics application is terminated.

as far as i can see you already gray out the fps in the current version, when there is no application currently running. And this is a fine solution for everybody using the HWinfo GUI, but if someone uses the shared memory there is no way too determine if the reported current value for fps is really current or just a repeated old value.

running 3D application:

3D application terminated a while ago:

what i see in Rainmeter using shared memory values (the current values!):
until i start a new 3D app i will continously see 118, 104 and 100 as current with no way to detect this as "no i dont play anymore dude" :)
OK, got it. I will modify the shared memory so that if a value isn't valid, it will report Value=0.
Big Thank you for now writing 0 fps from RTSS Framerate as "current value" in shared memory, while still showing the outgrayed last fps value in the GUI since 7.63 5215 beta.
Thats the behavior i hoped for.
for correctness and if you want you can do this similar for 1% and 0.1% low, but i don't care about his to much.