Cooling issues (chassis fan1 and the cpu fans)


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I'm not sure if this is the place to be posting this, but I have contacted ASUS in an effort to resolve this, so here goes anyway.

Not too long ago I updated my BIOS (MOBO is prime x470 pro) to get support for a new 5600x. I haven't used HWINFO up until that point either. What followed after was my AIO just randomly shut down for some reason and I had to restart to avoid any damage to the overly hot CPU (107 C). After I rebooted the AIO started up again and didn't shut down for another 2 weeks, give or take. After the second shutdown I swapped to a Noctua NDH15 and the temps were better but now the noctua shut down randomly. The only good thing is that it doesnt get as hot as it did before.

I updated my BIOS to the latest version (6042) and the issue wasn't so much fixed as it was replaced with a new one.

Somewhat randomly, I have no idea what causes it, the chassis fan (CHA_FAN1) starts bugging out:
It spins, stops and spins up again. I replaced it, thinking it was a faulty fan, but no, the new one behaves identically.

In addition to that, the CPU fans spin slower the hotter the CPU gets:
I tested it to make sure by opening up new programs and such, and I'm pretty sure thats the case.
The only times this happened so far is when I play something. I'm not sure if this is the only cause because I haven't tested it with other things.

Yesterday evening I played Ready or Not and the temps I get from the ASUS WMI froze, they did not budge at all(maybe the chipset temps moved by 1 C on occasion). When I turned the game off, the chassis/cpu fan issues happened again.

Forgot to post system info...

Again, I'm not sure if anyone here can help or anything. I've posted this issue both to ASUS support and the ASUS subreddit. In any case, thank you for your time.


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