core 1 c7 residency


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sorry to ask this ,what is core 1 c7 residency & why is it so high, i have a file attached below, thank you


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C6 and C7 are low-power states of the CPU:

My guess is that Core Cx Residency refers to the percentage of time(?) the CPU is in this state, saving power. The higher the percentage for these values the more power is saved (potentially).

Your conclusions about C-states, will be best drawn by the 4th (average) column. The current/min/max values are the least valueble. Only on average you will see each core how much time has spended in each state.
Take for example one core (0 for instance) and add the avg(4th) percentage from each Cx state. It sums up =100
Do this for any core, on any time and always =100

@stealth4520 What Intel CPU is this? Just curious...