Core 2 Duo E6700 MMX at 25K in Win7 and 82K in Vista


I just got a Core 2 Duo E6700 and noticed the results from another machine. Mine scored much lower at MMX in Windws 7. I tried Windows VIsta 32 HP clean install and got about 82,000 like normal. In clean installs of Win7 HP 32 & 64 bit i get around only 25,000. Is HWINFO32 misreporting?

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In Vista the microcode is reported as C6, but in Windows 7 the microcode is reported as CB. Could this be the difference?

I'm not sure what this problem could be, but I have already seen quite big differences between results (especially in MMX score) on different operating systems XP - Vista - Win7. There are certainly differences to memory management between various systems, but I wouldn't expect such big difference.
What microcode difference you mean - the CPU Microcode Update Revision reported?
Yes, I read that Windows like Linux can load microcode at startup and the previously listed microcode updates were listed in HWINFO32 and the Intel Processor ID Utility.

I ran an old program called WhatCPU and found that the MMX scores were nearly identical in Vista and 7.

I don't have an explanation for this discrepancy and I don't see a reason why should HWiNFO32 misreport the results.
The code used in the MMX benchmark is a part of Gouraud shading algorithm implemented using MMX instruction set.
I have no idea, but the PC working good. Street Fighter IV nearly matches speeds is Vista HP 32 and 7 HP 64. I don't know if it uses much MMX though. I think I'll not worry about it.