Cores VID and clock not detected (red cross beside the values - i9-9900k and i3-8300)


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Hello everybody, this is my first post. Pleased to meet you all.
I did try to search for my issue in the past days, but I can't find anything related. I probably don't know how to correctly search for it, so forgive me if the problem was already discussed and please redirect me to the right place if any.
I've just assembled my new system with a i9-9900k, Z390 Aorus Pro mobo, 32 MB RAM vengeance, GPU Quadro P5000.
The system is not overclocked, the BIOS is at factory default, the drivers for motherboard updated (downloaded from Gigabyte) and the system seems to be stable and working fine.
I've tested it with OCCT, 3dMark etc and other than a little high temps (up to 75°C with OCCT stress), anything else seems ok, though I'm not enough expert to evaluate with safe.
BUT HWinfo seems to be unable to detect Core 1, 2, 3 VID and Core 0, 1 Clock ... they are RED crossed. I did test with the 9900k as also my older i3-8300 which gives same issue.

Should I bee worried about something? Can it be a defective motherboard or an issue with it?
Below the screenshot to let you understand the proble, both 9900k and 8300
Thanks so much for your help


You could save yourself a lot of time writing an excessive article if you would first do a search on the forum. This has been answered at least a dozen times.