CoreVid max. read error on MSI b550 and x570 motherboards?

Hello,I don't know if this is a bug but I experience it on b550 and x570 motherboards MSI!
The latest bios, hwinfo v7.05-4490.
With fixed vcore, the maximum voltages should be the same in all three cases.
Thank you very much !
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VID is only the voltage requested by CPU. If mainboard's circuitry manages this on its own then it's quite irrelevant. Also on Ryzen systems it's better to rely on the "CPU Core VID (Effective)" value.
I understand and thank you, but then if I turn on debug mode, why is the value still correct?
Can the debug mode stay on all the time ?
That's just some coincidence, it doesn't have a direct effect on VID readout.