Corsair HXi


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First of all big thanks to the HWiNFO developers for finally bringing support for Corsair HXi and RMi series PSUs, I just installed v5.10 on my machine and it reads the PSU (HX850i) values without issues, helping me get one step closer to removing Corsair Link from my machine.

I had a question regarding the reported wattage; for me in particular, the wattage and efficiency readings are much more interesting than the rest of the numbers (watching the power bill, you know) and I was wondering, is the total PSU power reported in HWiNFO, the input PSU power (from the socket), or the output power (to the parts)? Corsair Link reports both of these values separately and also reports efficiency. It would be great if this number could be clarified and assuming that there are no technical difficulties, both wattage values are reported by HWiNFO along side with efficiency.

Again thanks for this great piece of software and keep up the good job.
For the HXi series, the power reported is the Output power, which should be truly measured by the PSU.
However the Input Power and efficiency seems to be calculated (sort of estimated?) using some magic formulas, which I'm not sure how accurate (or true) they are. So they are not really measured by the PSU circuitry. That's why HWiNFO doesn't report those values.
I see, thank you for your reply.
Considering the fact that there doesn't seem to be any input current (from socket) reading to be used alongside with the input voltage to calculate the input power, the input power must be estimated by Corsair Link using the values from the efficiency curve of the power supply and the output power. Now the question is, where to get that efficiency curve from? :D
I don't think Corsair will disclose those values and as you mentioned, they are not real readings (in contrary to what I thought earlier) and adding such inaccurate values to HWiNFO might not be such a good idea.
I have some information how the power/efficiency curves are calculated by Corsair for some models, but I'm not sure how accurate it is.