Couple issues, BSOD and App Crash on Exit


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Been quite some time since I have reported a bug here. Just moved on to a 64bit version of windows (Windows 7N Professional) and changed over to the 64bit version of HWInfo accordingly. While trimming down and debugging my install for minimizing I came across a couple issues with the last few Beta releases.

Issue #1:
Upon exiting HWinfo, there is a memory reference error that pops up upon close. The issue seems to occur pretty consistently. Reference Attachment: 1_HWINFO64.RAR

Issue #2:
This requires specific circumstances to occur unfortunately...
- Driver Signing Enforcement must be disabled during startup or TestMode enabled.
- Program Compatibility Assistant Service must be disabled.
- Must happen very early during startup.

Afterward, when starting windows and starting up HWInfo upon boot, it will result in a series of different memory corruption related BSOD's. Such as unnamed BSODS of random codes, IRQL less or equal, system service exceptions, driver failures, etc. This, unfortunately, could not be debug logged during a BSOD as enabling debug logging and/or writing delayed the loading of HWInfo enough thus resulting in the issue to no longer occur. I have run multiple successful passes of memtest and disabled all overclocks to confirm this was not overclock related and it still occurred accordingly.

I do remember this issue occuring back when I used Server 2008 SP2 32bit as well with test mode enabled but it would instead cause a system hard lock requiring a reboot. I did not think much of it as I simply staggered it later on in my startup scripts to circumvent the issue a year ago so this could just be a niche issue afterall.

However, I have included the Debug logs accordingly.
Reference Attachment: 2_HWINFO64.RAR, 3_HWINFO64.RAR


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Please upgrade to the latest HWiNFO Beta version (5.83). I believe it will solve issue #1 and most probably #2 too.
Let me know if you see any problems with that version.
I would like to confirm that the issue has seemingly been resolved after a couple test runs with v5.83-3430. I will update this thread accordingly if issue #2 returns at all. I appreciate your swift action in resolving any issues that crop up. Thank you! :)