CPU: 8gb disabled ?


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I have a computer with cpu i7-3930K, with 32 Gb Ram, 8x4, seen by windows.

On HWINFO64 cpu specs, it says :
4Gb DDR3 : Enabled
8Gb DDR3 : Disabled

Does it mean my RAM is not fully used according to the program ? Or is it considered a bug ?

thank you :)
No, that information only says that 8Gb DDR3 technology is not supported by the system, but your RAM modules are OK.
Thanks for your answer.
But if windows sees and uses 32 gb, how can it be unsupported ? The all 4 8Gb RAM used are DDR3
Your memory is supported well. Your modules are of 8 GigaBYTE capacity. The information above is something else - it's the memory chip technology (not the module capacity) - 8 GigaBIT.