cpu cache L0 errors


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HWinfo64 is reporting hardware errors as cpu cache L0 errors. I can not find any information on what LO errors are or what they indicate other than unstable overclock. what info would you guys need to help solve these errors.

MD asus maximus x formula 
CPU 8700k

OC 4.9
adaptive vcore 1.225v
off set +0.025v
ram corsair platinum rog certified 3200 roc profile 3333mhz (xmp profile 3200)
ram 1.35v

thank you
Thank you Martin,

So these errors an not an indication of any hardware issues?

I don't know if these are errors or not. They don't count as errors but are reported in the errors section. HWinfo show pci-c power values. Ill take a screen shot tonight and post it. some of then change from greyed out to normal text, pci-e 2, pci-e 4 and the like. The values are reported in amps. I have a corsair AXi860. The corsair usb cable link is installed, so is the driver but not the link software.
Those are serious errors and can occur if there's a hardware failure or too high overclock. So first start by reducing the overclock to see if they will still appear.
So here is a screen shot of the pcie 1 current and pcie 4 current. This is being shown in the errors section. Is this HWinfo saying its seeing power issues? Could this be and indication of issues with my PSU? What is HWinfo trying to tell me?

http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y166/apw63/pcie current_zps0j5dls4u.png

Thank you for any info

That photobucket does not seam to work. here is a link to overclocking.net that has screen shot attached
Those entries should not belong under the WHEA section, there's a mismatch in order of sensors on your machine.
They belong most probably to the Corsair PSU and just indicate the current. Grey items mean that HWiNFO wasn't able to obtain actual value during the current refresh cycle.
Go into sensor settings, layout and enable "Fixed order" to place them to the right sensor.
This order mess has caused confusion, there should be no problem on your system in terms of WHEA; Total Error count = 0.