CPU core speed stuck not downclocking on 6.40-4330


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Hi i discovered a bug in hwinfo64 6.40-4330 as it not downclocking cpu core speed on 0 to 6 on xeon x5675 for some reason but I used an older hwinfo64 6.34-4300 and that is reporting correctly when the pc is idle
Where do you observe this, in the window with clock bars or in the sensor window?
What does the Effective clock say?
It in sensor window and clock bars it just shows cpu core 0 switching back and forth like normal but the cpu core 1 to 5 show stuck at full speed even when the pc is left in idle state. How do I get the effective clock?
Here the debug as requested. now it stuck on full speed on minimum and maximum


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Unfortunately reporting correct clock on this family of CPUs is quite tricky and doesn't work reliably in some cases due to platform limitations.
It requires performing certain operations that affect the actual CPU ratio, so the "observer effect" here is more significant.
Ok strange alright I stick to the older build of hwinfo as it working as it should as each cpu cores downclock as the cpu ratio goes from 25x to 12x when in idle state. I might just have a feeling that the newer build of hwinfo is conflicting with something else in the my system but could be wrong here. But to tell you something I quite like the hwinfo than the hwmonitor. Thanks again for taking the time in looking in the possible causes :)
The newer build is not conflicting with anything, but it has been optimized.
In older versions there were certain delays (idle periods) between cores polling, but this was sometimes resulting in large overall delays.