CPU fan speed missing


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Two of the five possible fans present do not seem to appear in the Sensors section. One is the CPU fan, the other is the CPU block pump. These are (or would be) CPU and CPU OPT. The two case fans show correctly. The motherboard is a Gigabyte X99 series running the inevitable Win10 64 bit. Curiously, the two delinquent fans do appear in the Gigabyte SIV fan controller and also in the AIDA64 sensors window. Attached is a screenshot of the relevant AIDA section and an HTML summary file from HWinfo itself. The four other fans shown by AIDA are from a seperate fan controller (which HWinfo is able to access the information from as well). Any thoughts gratefully received.


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Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File, I need details from that output for analysis.
You should see 2 ITE sensors in the list and the second one (IT8792E) should contain those fans.
HM. Curious. I think it must be something I did. I'm trying to use the HWiNFOMonitor window to give 'basic' information (temps, fan speeds etc). Most of the sensors are hidden but nowhere in the Sensor Status were the CPU fan speeds to be found. I reset the Preferences in the General/User interface tab and lo and behold the speed sensors have appeared in the list. Now I have a HWiNFOmonitor windw that's about 6 feet long but I can fix that (I hope). Thanks for your help.