CPU High (?)


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Good evening,
I have a question to ask hoping to receive an answer and find a solution.
To be precise, I purchased this machine:
MSI Katana GF66 12UD-074IT, Gaming Notebook, 15.6" FHD 144Hz, Intel I7-12700H, Nvidia RTX 3050Ti 4GB GDDR6, 16GB RAM DDR4 3200MHz, 1TB SSD M.2 PCIe 4.
I use this notebook with windows 11 and I only use OBS to stream with my console.
It's new so I don't use it for gaming.
However, I noticed that when doing a test with Cinebench R23, my CPU is "cut" (because it probably reaches 100%) and then returns to normal values with a maximum of 91 degrees (see image):

Furthermore, as you can see, the CPU remains at 45W instead of supporting its 115, giving a core score of almost 12,000 and not 16,000 as reported by various tests online.
As regards the temperatures, the tests on Hwinfo show them remaining around 70/80 degrees. All this in idle or at most with OBS open (the streaming program).
Can you explain to me if this is normal or is there something wrong?
The profile is set to High Performance.

If anyone would be kind enough to give me some clarification on this, I would be grateful.
Thank you
Many notebooks are unable to sufficiently cool the CPU so thermal throttling is common there.