CPU Package temps


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HWiNFO lists CPU Package temperature twice in the sensor list.
In the attached screenshot the delta between the two is 6 °C.

Any thoughts as to the difference between the two readings?


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Everything is normal, since the heat dissipation and the amount of heat dissipated by the semiconductor differ at different points of the crystal, especially considering that in the cheap (not server XEON) CPUs of Intel for a long time (starting with the Ivy Bridge series, I refused to use the expensive indium solder between a crystal and a heat dissipator, thermo-paste, and its thermal properties are much less uniform than the properties of the metal layer.Then the rationale for this technical solution was the thesis of reducing the nominal TDP processors from 95 W to Sandy Bridge up to 77 W at Ivy Bridge - they say new processors are warming less and they have enough thermal grease, although the actual heat dissipation of new CPUs has not actually decreased, but this has not been taken into account.
Yes, those values are read using two different methods and it seems that on some CPUs there's an offset between them (probably to improve cooling), while on most CPUs they are identical.
I'm not 100% sure which of those values is accurate as Intel doesn't provide more details about this, but I assume values under the DTS sensor should be the accurate ones.