CPU Power of AMD FX-8350 Correct?


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I like to use HWinfo. But the AMD FX-8350 should actually be a power-hungry.

However, shows me HWinfo in the CPU power line that consumes this minimal 14.154 watts. And maximum I come to about 52 watts.

I have activated all saving functions. Also, my CPU is not overclocked and even a little undervoltaged. The self-subdued self had until now had no effect on the watts. At least according to the ad.

What exactly is the CPU power indicator for AMD FX-8350? What differences can I schedule?

By the way ... if I have graphics card the GPU VRM Voltage, etc. Manually according to what the watts consumption, so I come to other results. These do not differ very much, but they are still there. How so?

And you can not possibly synonymous with the CPU amp display? Would be useful in order to recalculate synonymous.

CPU temperature and power reporting on those series of CPUs is often not reliable or completely broken.
So don't rely on those values.
OK thank you for the info. I have activated high performance computing mode on my bios and disabled APM. HWinfo now displays 111.681Watt on CPU throughout. On over 100Watt I come otherwise only if I overclock the CPU. Since it was interesting to know whether experience shows that a differential deviation can localize. e.g. The experience shows that the HWInfo has a deviation of approx. 30 or 80 watts for the CPU family. is there such a pattern known where that could move about, which can be added to the display of HWinfo?