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Hi everyone.

I need help... I am confused with different readings from monitoring my CPU temp.

I tried to find an answer in various forums but only got more confused, can someone explain in a simple way the difference in the following please ?

HWINFO64 gives me these readings.
(Section) CPU [#0]: AMD Athlon X4 880k
CPU package (TSI) (very unstable readings jumping from anything between 50 to 90 degrees on occasion)
(section) Asus A88XM-PLUS
CPU 37 degrees (stable slow increase, degrease)

My AMD AI suite III gives me the same as HWINFO MB reading (37 at the moment of writing this (Semi-idle state))

If I use Speccy I get an other very high erratic reading between 60 to 95 degrees.

What should I make of this and what is the correct temp for my CPU ?

I have joined some screenshots, can anyone clarify this for me pls?


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Upgrade to the latest HWiNFO Beta build (v6.43), that includes sensor tooltips which will show you more information about each sensor item.
Thank you for coming back to me Martin.
I updated HWINFO.

I deduct that the "true" temperature of my CPU is the one in the MB section then, or it's as close to the true Temp as I can get ?

MB Reading..jpg

It reflects the reading I get from the Asus Suite, I assume that it's correct as it also consistent to the Bios readings in pre-boot.
Yes, that is the closest one can get on those systems. But it's most likely the external (case) temperature of the CPU.