CPU Turbo Max Locked

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I recently got a I5 3570 (3.4GHz > 3.8GHz) and also a motherboard BMBH61-D but now i noticed the processor can't pass the clock 3391 MHz (The clock base i guess?) it seems that turbo boost no longer works, even when CPU is stressed with testing cpu programs or games and even though the turbo boost option appears on the bios and is enabled and also i noticed something curious and i don't know if it's right, on the bios the max cpu speed and the cpu speed are the same "3400" as you can see in the image (is that correct?) and now after using HWiNFO i noticed that CPU Turbo Max have the word [Locked] on it: and also the Intel Turbo Boost Technology says "Supported, Disabled" What that means? Did i buy a falsified i5 3570 CPU? Or is it a uncommon capped version that i'm unaware of? Or then is it malfuncioning? Is it the motheboard? The bios?


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Those settings look OK to me. [Locked] means the turbo limits shown can't be changed, but that normal for this CPU.
How did you test it, what kind of load? 3.8 GHz can be reached with only 1-core load. Is it possible that the CPU is overheating and that's why it doesn't boost? Make sure to watch other parameters in sensors.
I used Cinebench testing all cores and also single core to see if the boost would activate but it still shows "3391 MHz" i monitored using HWiNFO, CPU-Z and CPU Speed, i also stressed the CPU using CPU-Z, also monitored on RealTemp and Prime95, the temperature on idle is 33 and it can reach 53 on SpeedFan while gaming or stressing the cpu, my cooler is a Xigmatek Loki II, could it be the OS? I have Windows 8.1 on SSD, i installed while still on other platform 1156, Xeon X3470, Mobo IPMIP-GS, then i changed to the current setting, no formating, just booted the OS and everything was working again..


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